1. Back in the day, movie goers would often watch a serial or two, a cartoon before a movie. My father has a copy of Superman and Flash Gordon serials he used to watch a child. Recently some tv shows have tried to entice viewers by giving special sneak previews or an episode or two a new a show at the movies. Would you ever be interested watching a “tv show” at movies? Would it matter if it was a weekly event where it’s more like a party atmosphere?

I once went to an event called Anime overnight. It was ok, but not enought people showed up to make it interesting. The idea was play anime movies for 12 hours straight with some breaks. Unforgerntly the promoters weren’t really prepared. One of the movies had not subtitles so we cocouldn’t even enjoy it. I do like the idea of watching shorter programs like a tv show at the theater. I’m not sure how it would work.

2. Recently I was listening to a program called The Heart. It’s podcast that I listen to on Soundcloud that is about love. The latest episode is all about celeb crushes and one woman’s attempt to get to know her celeb crush, Aaron Carter. Personally I think she is too good for him. I think my first big celeb crush was Leonardo Dicaprio and if I had to chance to meet him now I wouldn’t want to. I guess I just don’t care. Who was you first Major famous person crush and would you want to meet them now that you are all adultified.

3. If you could borrow a granny or pappy to teach how to perfectly cook a recipe(s) what would it be? Just so you know it doesn’t have to be or your nana or pop pop.