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Random Rambling Time

It's Friday. I'm in my cubicle. So, I'm just gonna ramble on here for the sake of procrastination.

Are you with (romantically) the type of person who you thought you'd be? Looks wise, personality wise, income etc.

In my wasted twenties I pictured myself with a tall, heavily tattooed, slim yet muscular, handy and stubborn sort. Greasy but super hot and really useful, a real labour kinda guy. I ended up with an intelligent, nerdy, tall, average attractive, handy, nice guy.


What celebrity are you crushing on right now? Name (a) one conventionally attractive and one (b)unconventionally attractive.

Mine? a-Tom Hardy b-Benedict Cumberbatch (dude looks like a seriously hot alien).

What's your favourite beverage? I like wine for my alcohol and Chocolate Milkshakes.

Who's your Daddy? Is there really an answer for this?

Who's your favourite; your mom or your dad? Which sibling do you prefer?

Alright that's all I got for now. If I think of something else I'll update. Happy Friday.

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