Okay, so two things. First, I've had this idea in the hopper for awhile to do a series of prints based on The White Album. I'm only in the concepting phase but I'd love hear opinions on the first ideas for layout. I have four options. These are still rough so I'm looking for ALL critiques—mostly on the composition rather than the iconography, although you are welcome to weigh in on that as well. I also can't decide if I should keep it really clean, which is my normal style, or bring in some textures and overlays to create a more vintage-style, although still graphic, feel.

Secondly, in (another) eureka moment, I decided that I *had* to try gold leafing and screen printing. They are techniques I love (I might even like screen printing MORE than letterpress) and while I am not very crafty or patient when it comes to new things I thought I might give both a try. I ordered some nice heavy card stock from French Paper Co. in black and kraft.


Have any of you tried either technique at home? I'd love to hear. Also...what do I do what do I do? Gold leafing on black could be great for graphic type (letters, ampersands, etc). Off the top of my head, I have an idea of a "head in the clouds" grouping of animals with, literally, their heads in a cloud—think a bunny with a cloud on his head and his ears poking out of the top. It could be cool to do white or a super bright almost neon color screen printed onto black with a gold leaf cloud layered on top.