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OK, so, random things:

1) Boys are confusing. And by boys, I mean grown men who make me have pantsfeelings.

2) One of the houses in my neighborhood has, as part of its lights display, and CHRISTMAS GIRAFFE. I present a crappy photo as evidence:


You see that? THAT IS A CHRISTMAS FUCKING GIRAFFE. I want to hug to people who live in this house and bake them things. Reindeer are for suckers. GIRAFFES, people. GIRAFFES ARE WHERE IT'S AT.

3) Did you know, that when school children have two snow days in a row after a weekend, when they return to school they are INSANE? HO. LEE. SCHNIZBALLS.

4) Fifth grade girl drama at the school continues apace. Because I reported a group of them to the office on thursday, they are now suspended. No, they're not suspended for being snotty little sacks of 'tude in music class. That was just the last straw for the principal. I feel both vindicated and extremely guilty about my role in this.

5) Meanwhile, the kid who gave me the finger several weeks ago has become a much better student after I wrote him up and proved that there are consequences for him actions. He even managed to earn himself a speaking role in the program next week. To the commenter on here who called me a pissed off angry teacher and hoped I never got hired in his/her district: [redacted]


6) THANK YOU BAKING BEES!!!!!! I got the necklace and earrings; they're lovely! Check it out:

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