So thanks for the guidance on the car help everyone who helped on my earlier post. The Geekboy might post under his name or mine so if the time comes I'll probably post here to get shared over on Opposite Lock.

So haven't caught up completely over the last couple hours but I was so happy to see people post positive outcomes to stuff they were worried about. Guys I worry about you, if you post something and disappear I start to think something happened.

I had a headache, sore throat, and getting my period soon. My body needed a quiet rest day of Netflix and pajamas which I gave it. My cats totally sense something was up and I was bombarded with snuggles. Also does anyone in Central NJ want to house-sit and watch my cats for a week in March? Because strangers (sort of) on the internet might be my best option.

I'm going on a cruise (the same ship that just had the Norovirus outbreak so yeah) and my family who lives close will be able to feed them. Except that they're not cat people, so they'll get food and water but no cuddles or playtime. They are seriously the most loving kittens ever. Even their foster mom who's had tons of cats over the years talks about how sweet and social they are. New people come in and they're just like "More people to pet us YAY".

Our neighbors in our complex are well weird and no one talks to each other. The people downstairs (the only ones we share the outside door with) don't speak English and scream at each other every night. One lady next door we only see when she's yelling at the maintenance people. Another woman when we first moved in, was obscenely high one night and screamed at my boyfriend. Other than that its lots of polite nods with everyone else that you occasionally see.