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So last year, Mike Pence tweeted out this:

And after he was chosen as Trump’s running mate, he made comments about Putin not being the friend of America. Both of these seem quite at odds with what is actually happening in the administration. Makes me wonder why Pence signed on, when it seems he is rather isolated from what is happening. I have a theory that what is happening now is not what Pence signed up for.


There was a story that Eric Trump called John Kasich and offered him the VP position, telling him he would be the most powerful VP in history, tasked with running the day to day stuff Trump didn’t want to do. I wonder, was Pence given a similar offer, only to have Steve Bannon swoop in, gain Trump’s ear, and become the power behind the throne? Bannon joined Trump’s campaign about a month after Pence became his running mate.

It could just be that Pence is not willing to stand up to Trump, or is just letting him have enough rope to hang himself, so he can be declared unfit/impeached.

Either way, this Muslim ban does not seem to be something Pence signed up for.

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