Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

1. Eric Holder admitted on Chris Hayes (MSNBC) that he is considering running for president.

2. Chris Hayes reminded us that the FBI had been reading Cohen’s emails for months before the raid. That is amazing.

3. Someone with MAGA in their profile has followed me on twitter. If they thought I was in some way a kindred, boy howdy will they be disappointed.


4. Has anyone watched “The great interior design challenge” on Netflix (or for you Brits, on actual tv?)? I just started it and am enjoying it. The premise is that they take 4 amateur designers and give them a brief and a room to design - a few days, and then judge them. This is all headed to a face off with the best from each group. It lacks the Great British Bakeoff’s charm - but it is still fun. I do wish they didn’t have to make specific clients happy, though - and that the challenges could be more interesting than “a country bedroom.” I am greatly enjoying seeing all the unique British houses/architecture.

5. Look at this cute bike I ordered - it should be here next week.

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