I am super excited to be able to buy this pattern by LoriAnn and Simplicity soon (in about a month?). I have coveted her outfits on Etsy for ages and have attempted to figure out how to put together a few pieces. It looks like it will have her bustle, short skirt and mini hood! I don’t really like over-bust, corsety things, but that’s what’s fun about putting your own stuff together. There will also be a pattern that looks like it will be similar but with the under-bust corset, and just the short skirt. That one is played up more like villains. There are defiantly a Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy thing going on.

This video made me happy, cry.

I made these honey roasted nuts with cashews and they were delicious. Next time I will use more cayenne.

Also, How did this opossum get in this woman’s closet to have babies?

Do you have anything random to share?