Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I had a dream last night that I got a job in the Hillary White House. I was so happy. I got to invite friends and family to come visit, and they were so happy too. Why can’t we live in that reality?

I woke up to find two text messages from my roommate telling me to clean my hair out of the sink (I trimmed my bangs yesterday - cleaned the sink twice, but some little hairs escaped my notice) and to clean the space in the kitchen where we store our mops and brooms. I haven’t figured out how to respond yet - but am tired of this kind of text. I don’t know how often she cleans up after me but doesn’t say anything (maybe a lot, maybe never) - but I clean up after her a fair amount, and never say anything. I mean - who cares? We all miss stuff. Also, if she doesn’t clean something that I want clean (the bathroom sink is a big one - she cleans the bathroom, I clean the kitchen - I just clean it — again, who cares?). Sigh.

I saw Isle of Dogs yesterday and really liked it, but boy howdy did it make me sad. It also made me want to hug every single dog I saw afterwards.


Anyone watching season 2 of A Series of Unfortunate events? I’m not enjoying it as much as season 1, but that may be because I’ve since read all the books, so it’s not as new?

So tired of hearing about Roseanne.

A friend from college played a major role in “Can you ever forgive me” starring Melissa McCarthy. Apparently he knew her (edited to add: he knew Lee Israel) when she was alive. I was on the fence about seeing it, but he is awesome and I trust his work so definitely plan to see it (I also really like McCarthy).

I see both Mean Girls and The Cursed Child next week! Yay!

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