Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Random things.....on a September Saturday

*I really need to develop a good catalog of GIFs so my posts aren't terribly boring.

* I hate working on Saturdays. This will be a three or four conference call kind of day with a lot of hurry up and wait in between. I may or may not actually have to do any actual work until late tonight. The current call is going on an hour and 15 minutes. Sigh...this is the price I pay for working in IT.


*I really wish my roommate/tenant would pay her rent. I let her live with me thinking that she'd be a mature adult, but a lot of times, I feel like I'm dealing with a petulant tenant. I don't actually need the money to meet my bills, but I've had some big expenses lately that have drained my savings and I'd like to build that back up. The last time I got rent was August 1st.

*Also, I hate confrontation and am dreading confronting her and telling her that if she can't pay rent, then she can't live here. I'm not her mother. She has a bad temper and might yell. Thus making this more awkward for me.


*I think I might be better off single and living alone because I really, really hate doing other people's dishes and taking out other people's trash. (See also I feel like I'm living with a petulant teenager.)

*This has been a more a specific post than I thought.

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