Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Random Things (OT)


I’m currently killing time in a JFK terminal, on my way to Ghana for the week for a work event thing. Mind you, I didn’t find out for sure I was going to Ghana until....last Monday. Like, the 28th. I’m honestly astounded it came together. The visa process alone was ridiculous. And there is apparently a national shortage of the yellow fever vaccine shortage in the US? (The YF vaccine is required to enter the country.) Butttttt...I am here and excited. Stressed out and exhausted and anxious about this work rhing if I’m 100% honest, but excited!


Of lesser importance, but still things I’ve been meaning to post about:

What do you all think about this latest crazy ex girlfriend song? I wasnt so sure at first, mostly because the jokes fall kind of flat, but it keeps growing on me. And that final line “for so many years....” resonates like a gut punch. Also Rachel’s voice just sounds very pretty here.

Also, does anyone have experience doing accutane as an adult? My dermatologist is actively pushing it and I’m at the point where I am ready to give it a try, but some of the side effects make me nervous. (The chance of psychiatric symptoms, also I am also already, painfully, uncomfortably dry.) Also, I kind of really resent the level of anti pregnancy stuff. Message received, accutane is really dangerous for a fetus. I wont get pregnant. However, mandating 2 forms of birth control, monthly pregnancy tests, and an abstinence pledge tips over into insulting, imho. Also, a friend of mine casually mentioned that its really dangerous to drink on accutane, which is something that was never brought up in multiple conversations with my doctor, but sure lets talk about the risks to my non existent fetus some more.


Okay. accutane rant over. Tell me about your life you guys! Anybody been to Accra before?

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