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1. I am making my own version of this for my puppy Hazel....I will post the results. Wish me luck!

2. I got my wedding dress for my ceremony next year...I HATED THE DRESS SHOPPING PROCESS. It’s funny because everyone told me that I would go in thinking I wanted one kind of dress and then may totally change my mind and that is exactly what happened. I wanted an understated, close fitting dress and on me they were all SO unflattering. Then I tried on this huge dress with flower lace and something just clicked. Also..it was from a cheap-ish boutique near my hometown so the woman sold me the floor dress and veil for $700 total, which is actually cheap in wedding dress terms (which is insane).


Anyway, that’s the only excitement going on in my life right now. Work is stressful and I am looking forward to cooking pumpkin pasta and relaxing this weekend.

Anything exciting happening for you all right now?

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