Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Add your own! Here are mine:

  • Those little Adipose guys from Dr Who. Someone would totally start keeping them as pets, naming them after their creators, “oh yeah that one there is Ben, that’s Jerry and that big guy in the corner is breakup pity party”. The internet would go nuts knitting them sweaters...(Although they couldn’t be used by people with ugly souls so Steve Bannon gets to keep his patented diseased lung in an autopsy jar look.)
  • Sound and smell proof apartments. I don’t want to hear your bass beats. Or your uncontrollable Chihuahua.. And I would really like NOT to smell your weed thanks.
  • Pillows that are just right all the time.
  • If someone would tote around that stupid bodega vending machine to individual apartments so people could stare at it for a few minutes and mayyybe pick something. Then have them come back in like another 20 minutes so we could check again.
  • A room of requirement. So we could toss all our crap in there and then find it again we need it. Basically an interdimensional storage pod.
  • Retractable houses. So you could fold them up during storms and then at the push of a button have them back good as new.

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