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Random Thought Listicle

-my 1st interview today was meh, after the GPS screwed me up and I was late

-my 2nd interview the interviewer said straight out that I wasn't right for this job, but better suited for something they had 6 months ago. Seriously?

-the Geekboy is stressed and we had an argument but nothing serious

-Just vegging out with some HuluPlus and found the Cosby show is streaming so that's fun


-In the first episode Cliff is teaching Theo a money lesson and in 1984 a Manhattan apartment cost 400 dollars a month, and my brain exploded

-a friend came over and made a fabulous dinner for me and the Geekboy so that was the highlight of my day

-I originally took today as a PTO day to give myself a mental health break but then the interviews came up and now I feel cheated by the universe

ETA: Checked my email after posting this, and the first job rejected me already 0 for 2, excellent use of a PTO day

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