Who would've put money on Dean being the one to have the most "successful" career?

(Padalecki is about to go into Season 10 of Supernatural, where his character's brother's name is Dean and they did a great clip about the two of them going to the Gilmore Girls set and him getting weird and leaving. He is also a bit of a dick on Twitter.)

(Ventimiglia was in Heroes, and played Stalone's kid in Rocky Balboa, but he's also done Wolverine's voice in a couple of Marvel animated shows and, the most damning evidence, was in Grown Ups 2 playing "Frat Boy Milo.")


(Czurchry is on the Good Wife (which admittedly I do not watch, but Padalecki has done twice as many episodes of SPN as Czurchry has done of GW) and was in Friday Night Lights, but let's be honest...many people know him from the movie adaptation of Tucker Max's I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.)


This random thought brought to you by antibiotics and my sinus infection.