Unlike my other thoughts which are clearly very logical and organized.

For whatever reason, I started thinking about my New Year's resolutions from this past NYE. I remembered that I posted a list on GT but I couldn't remember what was on it, so I found the list! And it made me smile, cuz I actually did most of the things on it.

You guys remember this post?

How's it looking for everyone? On my end, I:

  1. Am still in therapy.
  2. Declared minors in biology and biochemistry and start the classes in the fall.
  3. Weeded through my friends and kept the ones who are awesome and make me feel loved and supported.
  4. Going to Florida in two weeks and Texas in July.
  5. Am moving next month, and will try and decorate my room.
  6. Still haven't seen Breaking Bad. But there's still time!

Did anyone else accomplish any of their resolutions?