I just realized a few hours ago that the reason one of my friends in northern california hasn’t returned my calls is because he’s probably fighting one of the wildland fires in that part of the state. So now I’m prepared not to hear from him for seven to ten days.

Mr and I are visiting northern california in about two weeks. most of it is on fire.

I accidentally drank some sour milk earlier. Got home from work, poured a nice big mug, started chugging it down, and then noticed a bad aftertaste. Spit the rest out, but I’d already swallowed a few mouthfuls of it, so may be in for some tummy trouble later.

I have a new favorite comedic Facebook page. Trigger warnings for animal death, euthanasia, extremely dark humor, frustrated shelter workers, and human stupidity. If you can’t handle people letting off steam related to euthanizing unrescued shelter pets and the never-ending battle to promote animals on social media that almost inevitably turns into flame wars galore, do not click: