Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Random thoughts

1) DJT may destroy Obamacare through an executive order. We have been fighting so hard for so long - to see all of that demolished with the stroke of his idiotic pen is beyond depressing.

2) Fuck sexual harassers. Weinstein is saying he needs “help” and that “everyone makes mistakes.” These weren’t mistakes - they were a lifetime pattern of using his power and privilege over women to get what he wanted. Not a mistake - purposeful abuse of power.


3) Our kitchen at work is called a “pantry” - and everyone calls it a pantry. Why? Is that a New York thing?

4) It’s surprising to me how behind things NYC is in terms of transit compared to Chicago. I had always thought NYC’s system was far better - but they still don’t use contactless transit cards, you have to pay at the machine - no remote loading of your card via an app, if you lose your card (even if you loaded a month-long pass on it), you are just screwed - your cards aren’t registered and can’t be turned off or transferred to a new card. I took a bus yesterday - and there’s no readerboard on the bus to tell you where you are. So you have to either somehow understand what the bus driver is announcing, or keep vigilant for where you are in space and time.


5) I went to my first opera this week (La Boheme at the Lincoln Center). I was pretty meh about it. The story line (esp vis a vis the portrayal of women) was ridiculous - and not in a good way. I far prefer Rent. I may try another opera with maybe more spectacle and more recognizable music (but I thought I’d recognize SOMETHING from La Boheme!).

6) My roommate is having a friend stay with us - I think. We’ve never discussed this, she just announced a friend was visiting, and I assumed it means staying with us. If so, it would require him to stay on my couch - and the living room is right outside my bedroom. Since I get up at 4am on weekdays and usually 5am on weekends, that is going to be problematic for me, as it means I have to be super duper quiet. I haven’t figured out how to talk to her about this yet - I’m not opposed to it, as I would like to be able to have friends stay here too -but I’d be more comfy with someone I know right outside my bedroom, and they all know my hours and my need to not talk to anyone before 11am, so it would be less of an issue. Also - he would be sleeping on MY couch! Seems it would be nice if she at least asked if that was okay.


7) I keep having this issue with USPS not delivering amazon orders. I get notified that there is no secure place to leave my package - but they don’t even ring my doorbell! And all other delivery people basically ring every doorbell until someone gets buzzed in. It took 3 weeks to get my last thing re-delivered. My package that was to be delivered yesterday wasn’t (and I was HOME when the delivery person came, apparently!). So annoying.

8) I haven’t had a migraine in a couple of years, but have now had multiple in the past couple of weeks. I bought advil over the weekend, but can’t remember where I put it. Grrr.....


9) I’m seeing my first broadway play this weekend (the play that goes wrong), and am trying to get lottery tickets to see Sweeney Todd, as I really want that to be my first Broadway musical (I love Sondheim). I splurged and got a ticket to see Dear Evan Hansen in November (I’m considering it a bday gift to myself). I want to see it before Ben Platt leaves in January. It’s supposed to be pretty wrenching, but really good.

10) At La Boheme I sat next to a woman who was visiting from Japan. She was taller than me (I am 5'8") and plus size. She said that in Japan she feels gigantic and can’t buy any clothes because they don’t make them in her size. Here in the US, she feels “normal.” That made me sad for her. Her big plan was to shop a ton to bring home new clothes. I desperately coveted her skirt (it was a pleated midi skirt in a nice heavy weighted grey fabric) - and am kicking myself for not asking where she got it - and where she shopped generally. I don’t yet have any sense as to what the shopping options are for plus sizes here (except the usual).

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