So, I was watching network TV, something I rarely do (used to have a dvr, now have netflix, who watches actual tv?) and I caught the commercial for Sofia Vergara's line at KMArt.

And it actually made me giggle, which I don't think a commercial has done in ages. In fact, I was so taken in by the "work what you got" thing that I looked at the other commercials for her line (which I completely missed when they were on tv, probably because of the whole not ever watching live network tv thing). I found this one:

And this one:

And honestly, I'm loving these. I love the use of different body types and ethnicities in the commercials. I love the message that all women are beautiful and sexy.

So, rock on, K-Mart. Good job. Granted, I haven't been inside one of your stores in several years, but that has more to do with the abysmal management of the one here in town.

Also, I don't think I've actually seen Sofia Vergara in anything, but I may have a crush now.