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What's up GT? It's the wee hours of the morning and I'm still up so I thought I'd share a couple bits of randomness with y'all. Come on in, get comfy, and share your own randomness, if you'd like. Also, no mancatfishes allowed.

Ha! Just kidding, Chritter! Come on in! There will be absolutely no mention of fermented tampons in this post (seriously, why did I click that link you posted?)

So anyway, as some of you know I've been sick the last couple of weeks. I think I'm mostly on the mend, but one thing I still have to do with regularity is take some maximum strength Mucinex because there's still gunk clinging to the inside of my lungs and my doc wants it out (as do I, of course). The pills are freaking enormous! And I have a hard time swallowing pills in general, but these things are almost comically large. And I can't break them into smaller pieces because that would disrupt the time release nature of the pills and could lead to fun side effects like vomiting. But, I've discovered a neat hack to make them go down easy peasy on (usually) the first try!


The secret? Coke! (For those of you not from Texas, "coke" can refer to any kind of soda. In this case I'm talking about actual Coca Cola because it's what I have on hand even though it is my absolute least favorite soda). Anyway, something about the bubbliness of the carbonation make those horse pills slide down my gullet like a spoonful of pudding! Yay! I guess a spoonful of sugar really DOES help the medicine go down! Anyway, I thought my little "discovery" might be able to help someone else, so I wanted to share.

The other bit of randomness? I recently discovered how to make a super cheap, super tasty tomato soup in like 5-10 minutes. I'm not a fan of Campbell's tomato soup because I feel it tastes like old tomatoes and a flag pole on a cold day, but I always have cans of tomato sauce around. So here's what I used to make a filling soup on the cheap:

-1 can tomato sauce (the small 7-8oz one)

-a handful or two of dry pasta, like small elbows or shells

-garlic powder

-chicken bouillon

-Italian herbs or basil*

-chopped dried onion*

-about a cup and a half of water

-about 1/4 cup milk

-a splash of olive oil

-a handful of shredded cheese, your choice of what kind

-two slices of toast, optional

-a small saucepan

*obviously these can be fresh versions, but we're talking quick and easy, so I used dried versions.

Directions: Set the water to boil and add olive oil and pasta once it comes to a boil. Lower heat and cook pasta til it's just a little firmer than al dente. When it reaches that point, add tomato sauce. Swirl a couple of teaspoons of water around inside the can and add that, too, so you get as much tomato sauce as possible. Add in a dash of the chicken bouillon, chopped onion, garlic powder, and Italian herbs. While it comes back to a boil, set your bread in the toaster to toast. Once it's come back to a boil, stir in the milk, then let it simmer down for a couple more minutes. If it's too watery for you let it simmer a little longer, if not, turn off the heat. Grab a nice, thick, and deep-bottomed ceramic bowl and pour the entire thing in the bowl. It should all fit with none leftover. Top with shredded cheese. Sit in your favorite spot and enjoy with the toast!

Anyway, there you go, GT, my musings for the night! Good night, good morning, and good day!

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