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Random thoughts on a "Hobbit" rewatch.

  • 1. Still love the casting. After watching him in Sherlock, I like Martin Freeman as Bilbo more than I did on first viewing before I watched Sherlock. He probably makes a better Hobbit than he does a human being based on some of his recent comments, but just on acting along I still like the casting. Still wish there had been some way to reduce the cast a bit since only a few dwarves get any real screentime. But that's a minor issue since the ones who do like Thorin and Balin make the most of it.
  • 2. We need more Radagast. I wish there was some way to retcon him into the LOTR. Sylvester McCoy does such a wonderful job making the most of a small amount of screen time. I loved the look of defiance and pride he gave when he talks about his rabbits outrunning the wargs. The book nerd in me hates that Gandalf got robbed of his moment in Dol Guldur and the chance to explain how he got the key and map for non-book readers though.
  • 3. I know a lot of people hated all the different subplots that weren't part of the original Hobbit story. It does take some focus off the party but it's worth it if it means we get more scenes with Ian Mckellan and Christopher Lee together. I know it's going to totally piss of the book fans but we need more Saruman in this series. Maybe they'll film an event that took place off screen that is important to the story later on which book fans should know but I won't say to avoid spoilers for non-book readers.
  • 4. Goblin-Town is still silly, thought so then and time hasn't changed that view. Gollum is still wonderfully done and the Riddle Game is still the best part of that sequence
  • 5. I do wish they had made Gandalf a little more competent. It felt like he was kind of silly and didn't have a real feeling of leadership and competence like he does in LOTR. But in his defense he couldn't push to far when working with a stubborn man like Thorin.
  • 6. Not really an issue with the movie but why are there no extras on the Blu-Ray? I know there are 10 videos on a separate disc but I want commentary tracks. I guess they're saving the good stuff for the "Super Mega Extreme Limited Edition 15 DISC Special Edition set on Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Download!" edition.

Now to get Desolation Of Smaug on Blu-Ray.

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