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I'm catching up on all the movies I have laying around and I just finished Here Comes the Boom and surprisingly I really liked it. Kevin James just does it for me lol. He just comes across like a genuinely nice guy and I'm always inclined to go see his movies, even if the premise seem stupid.

So, in this one *SPOILER* his character is a biology teacher who starts MMA fighting to try to raise money to keep the music program at his school open. Details aside, I kind of get why people are into it as a sport just from a pure athleticism PoV, but at the same time, I hate it. So, so much. There were so many scenes where Kevin James is just taking a BEATING and it doesn't seem worth it. I get that the purses are big but still. This is two grown men beating the shit out of each other for money. They don't even wear protective gear! Not even on their heads! And they are legit kicking each other in the FACE! AAAAHHH!!!!

I do not have enough hands for all the pearls I am clutching.

I know it's legal in this context or whatever but I there's something sick about assault as entertainment. If I saw that exact same fight happen in a bar or on the street, I was call the aggressor a criminal and call the police. I know these people are willingly participating but still... I need to look up some stuff on the long term injuries of career fighters because the stats cannot be good.


That said, I really like the movie! :) Lol. I don't like sports, but I really like sports movies it seems.

I'm actually only like 5 minutes into Identity Thief but basically, Melissa McCarthy's character just calls Jason Bateman's character, pretends someone has already tried to steal his identity, and just like that, he hands over all his information, under the guise of verifying it for some "customer protection service". Including his Social security number. IS IT REALLY THAT EASY TO STEAL AN IDENTITY?!?! How does it not happen more? Omg....

Anyway, the reviews say the movie was terrible, but I'm going to finish it anyway.

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