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Hey GT! I am procrastinating instead of working on evaluations because I have writer’s block and plus I don’t wanna. So here are some unsolicited opinions and a thing I need advice on. I am at work so my picture/gif game is not on point at all. I apologize. Ready? GO!

Cokie Roberts is a goddamn national treasure. I just listened to the latest Radiolab episode about the Gary Hart scandal and how the coverage of that changed what was off limits for political coverage and politicians’ private lives, and she brought up a very good point that this was a presidential race that actually had quite a few women on the beat, so whether or not Gary Hart was a lecherous creep was a much more relevant issue to the press corps. I flove Cokie and love hearing her opinion on politics.

I don’t think I’m enthused about the new X Files Episodes. The first one was “Meh” and then I have only seen 10 minutes of the second one. It just doesn’t have the spark it used to for me. Gillian Anderson is aging backwards, tho.


I hate evaluations. I hate writing evaluations. I hate giving evaluations. I hate having to justify the fucked up split of money we have to do every year for increases/bonuses, and the mental gymnastics I have to jump through to sell it to the peeps.

Bless you for reading my opinions, now gimmie YOUR opinion: I’ve been thinking about starting a blog. Like, waaaaaaayyyy back in the early aughts I had a blog on Angelfire (I KNOW I’M OLD), and it kinda fizzled out when I lost my job that gave me lots of free time to blog, and my mom somehow found my blog and was all “I am disappointed in you”. Not sure what she was disappointed in, because it was a bunch of pop culture nonsense. I guess there was too much cursing? She died in 2005, so I can’t ask her/tell her that was real hurtful anymore, oh well. Anyway, I constantly feel the need to EXPRESS MYSELF creatively, but probably the only one I was ever any good at was writing (typo filled GT posts notwithstanding). HOWEVER, the internet is a much different place than it was in 2001. I would like for any blog I do to be totally separate from my current job, and therefore non-doxxing to the casual reader. I don’t want to censor myself in order to be nice for work. Also, I want to post manicure pics and I don’t know how to do the cool watermark thing that the kids do now. Also, I have no idea what platform to use, and how to set up a non-doxxing email because I am dumb and want someone to hold my hand through this stuff. Like, is it even worth it to try this? I really just want to do it for my own satisfaction and LOLZ, but kinda feel like it may not be worth it? I don’t know. Any suggestions/walk thrus of how to have a basic, non-stupid blog?

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