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So I can’t sleep because I’m on a slightly manic kick. I decided to watch some random jail reality show, and the inmates are mixing drugs to make “whippets”. Basically they mix kool-aid powder with drugs and a bit of water and whisk it with a fork till it’s like whipped cream. Anyway, an inmate starts explaining what’s in it, and she goes, “oh it’s got effexor, depakote, and remeron” . . .

I’ve been on all three. I’m actually on effexor and depakote right now and can’t even fathom being able to take enough to get high. I’m on high dosages and I don’t get any loopy side effects that could be called a high. Depakote is a mood stabilizer, so I’m not even sure that can create a high. Remeron in high doses will knock a horse out, though. They tranquilized me with it in outpatient day treatment when I had a psychotic episode, though it took 2 hours to get me down. Not sure it’s a good party drug unless passed out is your thing. Jail makes people do some weird shit out of boredom and addiction.

Anyway, post any random thoughts you have below.

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