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Random Thoughts You Didn't Ask For...

But I'm going to give to you anyway....

•I just tweeted for 10 hours my newest obsession Arrow. I think it might be on par with the time I tweeted for 2 or 3 days of nothing but Once Upon A Time (Netflix is the work of the devil. Just wait until all my favorite FX shows add new episodes). Now it is time for me to pop a ambien so I can sleep before work (THIRD SHIFT FTW!) because construction crews are outside my window wrecking shit....LOUDLY!!

•Also I tried to like House of Cards but not even my love for Mahershala Ali could make me watch that show any longer. I will be trying Hemlock Grove after I watch a couple movies recommended by all of y'all.


•I still need to finish those essays I mentioned on twitter that are just sitting on my computer so they can stop judging me for abandoning them. I will start those tomorrow, which I said yesterday...

•Has Anyone tried the Daily Burn app on Xbox? It seems like something I could do since there is no way in hell my anxiety will let me in a gym.

•My hair got huge Sunday and I couldn't see. So I have to tuck my bangs/front section behind my ears. I chalk that up as a win.

•Okcupid.......enough said.

•My phone keeps dying every 3 hours. I need a new one. Is it worth paying Verizon the arm and a leg for their single line service or should I go with Sprint? Both are good as for as coverage in my area.


•I will be a henna head soon. Doesn't matter what I pick from mehandi because as soon as it oxidizes it all becomes the same color on my hair. I'm okay with this.

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