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Random Thursday Top Ten

As long as we're starting our own regular features...

The blogger formerly known as Tbogg used to do a Random Top Ten every week. He’d hit shuffle on the iPod and write down the first ten songs to come up, then commenters would do the same and post their lists. It was a fun thing to read, and would point me to songs that I had never heard of before that sounded interesting or remind me of things I owned that I had forgotten about. It also gives some insight to the music people have on their devices. It’s one thing to ask what a person what their favorite songs are; it’s another to find out at random what songs they own. So in that spirit, here’s my Thursday Random Top Ten:

Amy Winehouse – Me And Mr. Jones ("What kind of fuckery is this?" is one of my favorite things to say)


Bruce Springsteen – Girls In Their Summer Clothes

Duffy –Rockferry

The Who – Did You Steal My Money?

John Hiatt – My Girl

R.E.M. – The One I Love

Iris DeMint – Our Town

Sarah Simmons (from The Voice) – Somebody That I Used To Know

The Wallflowers – Three Marlenas

Neil Diamond - Shilo

What have you got?

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