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1. I am a curmudgeon. I’m on a beautiful island, sunny most days of the year, and I’m grimly happy that it’s raining.

2. Hot tip: check the oven for bags of pretzels before trying to cook your grandmother a nice dinner. I did not. There was a fire. The house smells terrible. I owe my grandmother a new bag of pretzels. Could be worse!

3. Going to the vape shop with my grandmother tomorrow to pick up CBD products. Grandmere has chronic pain and both her sisters use CBD. I told her I would try it with her. Oh boy. Serious question: this isn’t breaking my sobriety, right?


4. Sudafed gives me panic attacks. I must must take it while I’m here. Maybe the CBD will help!

5. I ruined a new book, my calendar, and a Dooney and Bourke tote bag on the drive down with an open bottle of cranberry juice.

6. I’m so freaking tired, you guys. I started a fire. I nearly broke a stained glass panel trying to open the window to let out smoke. I’m out ~$250 for the things I ruined. I need a hug.

I guess this is a complaints post. Sorry all, feel free to add some of your own.

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