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Random Wedding Stuff and Music Requests! Woooo!

There is less than one month until my wedding. AHHHHHHH! Help!

The band requested/told us that while they take breaks, they can put in some CDs so we can continue dancing. However, I don’t really know what to put on? I have stuff I like to “dance” to, but I doubt it’s actually dance music. Any suggestions? We were teens in the early 2000s, so I know I gotta put some classic pop on there! But modern stuff is totally not my wheelhouse.


Also, this is random, but you know, whatever: the family and I were talking yesterday and my sister and her husband recently attended a wedding as “second-tier” guests and I’ve never heard of this? Apparently, the A-list go to the ceremony and the early reception (with food and stuff) and the B list come afterward for dancing and cash bar. Sis and BIL were kinda offended? They didn’t know that this was the deal. Is this a thing?

Uhhhhhh I have a giant list of things to do that just seems to get longer and longer!

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