Just things swirling around in my brain

-I had to explain to a client today that our business has several clients and not everyone can be dedicated to her.

-I really need to amp up my job search, awful co-worker is less troubling since I have an ally. However its getting very tiring being the only under 30 in an office of 7, everyone else is in their 60's except one, the boss's daughter. Today's topic yes some men change their last names when they get married. No, not just gay men.

-Why do I make my life more difficult with chores? If I say to the Geekboy "Can you unload the dishwasher?" He'd say sure. Instead I have to talk about how I'm tired and going to do it tomorrow. I'm not looking for him to say yes. I was okay unloading it tomorrow I just didn't want him putting dirty dishes in with the clean. It's just like my brain didn't recognize the Geekboy can unload the dishwasher too.

-Consequently, how do I convince my married friend that not ironing her husband's clothes for a business trip doesn't make her a bad wife?


-Also I have no idea how to iron and I'm 28. I realize I'm fine with being wrinkled.

-When I was telling my boyfriend that we have to start shopping at the "good" Shop-Rite I felt like an adult. But not in the good way.


-I'm 5 episodes into Luther. Holy crap that's a good show. However Indira Varma who was on Torchwood dating the 8th Doctor was a bit distracting.

-This video makes me obscenely happy: