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Random wins for today

I got up before 10 am today, picked up potatoes, onions, basil, small sweet peppers, and far too many tomatoes from our CSA share, got a new battery in my watch, took the kiddo shopping for some new tennis shoes (because she has already outgrown the tennis shoes I bought her at the beginning of the summer), then went across the street to a neighbor’s graduation from grad school party. Also, my husband went for a tattoo consult and they told him exactly what I told him last year- his design was far too busy for an arm tattoo, so he is going to have to get a simpler design for something small enough to go on his upper arm. I finished most of my mid year evaluations on time last week at work, I am going walking in the AM with my sister, and I have a bead on a Camelback I can borrow from a neighbor so I won’t dehydrate during the walk. Also I’m still buzzed from the giant gin and tonic I drank.

I am amazing.


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