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Ranking Pixar Movies

With a new Pixar movie coming out tomorrow, I’ve seen several lists ranking Pixar movies, such as Vulture and Slate. And, if there is one thing I like debating, it is Pixar movies. :-)


Here is my definitive ranking list, please agree, disagree (which I know many of you will when seeing some of my choices), and make your own. Many of these are rankings for personal reasons, I’m a person ranking movies, not a movie critic that has any reason to be objective.

14, 13) Cars 2, Monsters University-I just haven’t seen them.

12) A Bug’s Life-Cute movie, but in a list like this, somebody has to be at the bottom.

11) Brave- I feel like maybe I need to go watch this one again or something. After seeing the trailers and hearing how much some people love it, I really want to like this movie. And, I feel like it starts out well, but then just ends up being dreadfully boring. Maybe someday I’ll give it another chance.

10) Ratatouille-I can’t deny this is a beautifully done film, but nothing about it compels me to watch it over and over again.


9) Up- This is where I get controversial, but I feel like the Vulture article best explains how I feel on this one “We know this is lower than you think it should be. But take a step back and try to remember what comes to your mind when you first think of this movie....But plot-wise, this whole film is completely overshadowed by the heartbreaking preamble...” (which apparently heartless me didn’t shed a single tear over). Most people, when they talk about how great this movie is, mostly just mean “The first few minutes of this movie were really, really good.”

8) Monsters, Inc.-Cute and funny and heartwarming, not the greatest of movies, but enough to rank middle of my list.


7) WALL-E- Another controversial choice! Another well done one, but I felt like it was a little heavy handed sometimes, and I didn’t see the love story part as being that amazing. But, it is also one I should probably watch again soon and see how I feel.

6) Finding Nemo- I find this to be the most quotable of Pixar movies, which is enough for me to rank it high on a list. Plus, it has drama, action, adventure, laughs, etc. I just like it.


5) Cars- You don’t need to tell me this movie isn’t that great. I’m not sure if it is from growing up in rural areas that I have that “dying small town” nostalgia or what. But, Cars is one of those movies I really like for no real explicable reason. It just makes me happy.

4) The Incredibles- Every time I see this movie, I’m reminded of just how good it is on so many levels.


3) Toy Story 2-Everything a sequel should be, carrying on the greatness of the original while exploring new territory. Plus, I love Riders in the Sky, so the fact they did music on it makes me extra happy.

2) Toy Story 3- When this one came out, I was in grad school, getting ready to hit the scary world of adulthood. Between that, and my love for Toy Story (as evident in this list), I, who didn’t cry during Up, sobbed my way through much of this movie. It’s just so damn good!


1) Toy Story-I’m sure part of my love for this movie is nostalgia. I was 9 when it came out and it was like nothing we had ever seen. But, watching it again (and again, and again) as an adult, it still really holds up. It consistently ranks high on my personal “Best Movies Ever” list. Though, if you saw the rest of the list, that is a dubious honor at best.

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