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I find the anti military attitude of some on here to make me want to scream check your privilege. The US government, specifically the military, is the largest hire of black men. Do you realize that many serve for the privilege of attending college with the Gi Bill?? Do you think people who live in poor towns who parents were factory workers really have tons of career options outside the military or walmart?

The military can suck. My sexual assault was swept under the rug in the military. But to act like the entire military is infantry is ignorant. Most of the military is either support, operations or intel. Most military do not carry guns stateside. Do you think the coasts, waterways and boarders just fucking protect themselves??? And do you think that there are not legitimate terrorist threats??

I know way too many young men with TBI and amputated limbs who got blasted by a road side bomb and now live in constant pain, on disability and either struggle with PTSD or end up killing themselves a couple years after being discharged. Most of them came from very poor upbringing.


Check your privilege.

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