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Rant about a Facebook post

One of my Mom’s oldest friends just shared a Facebook rant about Immigrants in Canada that is complete and utter crap and it is pissing me off:

It’s complete revisionist history.... Sure, all the immigrants around 1900 just quietly assimilated. It’s not like we had the Orange Order, or the Ancient Order of Hibernians, or any other ethnic based organizations, right? Oh, wait.


And what’s more, there was an understanding even back then, that people would want to retain their culture. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who was Prime Minister of Canada in the exact period being talked about, once said, (in a quote that is encoded on the wall of the Waterloo Region Museum)

“We do not want, that any individuals should forget the land of their origin or their ancestors. Let them look to the past, but let them also look to the future; let them look to the land of their ancestors, but let them look also to the land of their children.”

I removed the name of the author, but I will say that his last name is readily recognizable to me as a Russian Mennonite name, which makes his bit about “no free lunches” especially laughable to me. See, my people, Mennonites of Swiss/German origin, helped many of his people when they turned up on these shores fleeing the Russian revolution. My grandmother helped the women formerly wealthy family who had had servants back in Crimea, learn how to do housework. It was before my Dad’s time, but he remembers her talking about it. Lots of other immigrants also found help and support from various organizations when they arrived.

Also, got to love the way he glosses over the Japanese internment, and the horrible way that Japanese Canadians who were permitted to enlist in the Canadian Forces were treated when the war was over, (The were denied the right to freely travel within Canada.) with that ridiculous bit about how everyone just happily fought for Canada in the Second World War.


Then I have to laugh at him throwing it that bit about Christmas in Schools. As a teacher, in Toronto, no less, I can tell you Christmas is in schools. It’s just not the only December holiday taught about in school, which is what really pisses him off, I imagine.

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