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Rant about in law

Sister in law comes up to me to complain that mother in law fed baby 8 oz of formula instead of 5oz while babysitting.

I said "I don't get it" meaning did my niece have some medical issues I didn't know about or what. Nope.

Sister in law also did this at a giant family party in front of a cousin of my husband but thank goodness I'm friends with the cousin and she knows I don't talk about my mother in law like that.


My mother in law babysits pretty often for them. She even takes off work to babysit. Sister in law has also complained when mother in law had the baby for three hours and didn't change her diaper.

She is literally just looking to complain about our mother in law. The same woman who goes out of her way to babysit or keep the baby during a family party so parents can relax.

I almost want to tell my sister in law that I would never babysit for my neice based on the complaints she has about my mother in law.

My other sister in law is the same way. Our mother in law raised four boys. I think she can handle a few hours of babysitting.


I mean yeah my mother in law is racist, homophobic, and a few other things but she is a fucking amazing loving mother in law and grandmother. Seriously.

/end rant

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