So this year my dad and I want to get my mom a laptop because their home computer broke. Not surprising since it was from 2001 (!) and was so slow it legitimately couldn't even play videos. I think it had Windows 2006.

The problem is that my dad is completely computer illiterate (cant figure out the difference between logging on to the computer and logging on to email, has never used the internet in his life, etc.) but stubborn and and likes to pretend he knows everything so he's been annoyingly parroting back info from commercials ("uh well, it needs to have at least 3GB hard drive and one of things...the 7 not the 5"....what?).

My mom is only slightly more tech capable. She exclusively uses the computer to check her email, maybe look up a few prices or something online and once in a while type something on word (and then call me asking how to print or get it to be double spaced).

I keep trying to tell my dad that a bare bones laptop will be fine, coming in around $300 will be more than enough for her needs but he keeps saying that he doesn't want to get a crappy one because it needs to have enough speed and storage. He won't listen to my reasoning that literally any laptop would be approximately 400000x faster than the old Dell from 2001, any additional speed is gratuitous unless you're doing a lot of online gaming or using high level graphics programs and stuff.

Also as far as's about 4 one page microsoft word docs that need to be saved. He also doesn't get my insistence that there's no need for impressive storage when only 1/1000000th of it will be used anyway.


So now he's looking at all these $700+ laptops and I know for a fact my mom wouldn't want him to spend that much OR be able to appreciate the few improvements those have over lower end models.

Ughhhhh it's just been so frustrating.

Also, I'm not super aware of what kind of PC laptops are decent, because I'm a mac girl myself. Anyway, I was thinking about this one, but I'd appreciate anyone's suggestions.


It's for a woman who thought the 2001 Dell whatever was 'just a bit slow' so basically anything that loads a web page in under an hour will satisfy her.