I took my little kitty into the vet today after almost four days of vomiting. It started late Thursday night and he either got into some raw chicken scraps or he snuck on the counter and got at some veggies that are really disagreeing with his tummy. Or it could be neither of those and he is sick from something else completely. I did find peas in his puke on Friday morning though. He puked randomly all weekend and again last night so this morning it was off to the vet. He was a little angel in the car and sat right were I planted him on the seat next to me with a towel wrapped around him. Burrito kitty. Either he was feeling extra terrible or was completely frightened.

I will admit that I have an irrational fear and distrust of vets. I feel some of them are scumbags who will hurt my animal to get money from me. Well, perhaps it is just this one vet who I sometimes get stuck with... he just gives me weird vibes and just plain don't like him or trust him. He was rough with my cat today and was looking into his eyes (opening them) for part of the exam and now his eye is all squinty and he keeps pawing at it. Like he opened it too wide and stretched the skin causing irritation. Not sure but I just don't like this guy touching my animal. With my old cat, he went into the room when my cat was in there alone and I walked in and he spun around really fast like he was doing something wrong. Maybe its in my head. But he has always made me nervous.

Anyway, we decided on blood work and a stool sample. Kitty doesn't have a fever so that is a good sign. I turned down the $200 Xray for now. He was a little dehydrated so they gave him fluids but now, 5 hours later, he still has a buldge on his side as his body hasn't yet absorbed all the fluid. So he wasn't as dehydrated as the vet thought.

When I went to pay the bill at the end of the visit there were three items in the bag that I never agreed to buy or were discussed at all with the Vet. One was 4 can's of special food. Because they weren't expensive and my other cat loved and tolerated them when he was ill, I decided to take them. Another was a $50 bottle of antibiotics. The doc never mentioned starting him on a course of abx. Am I crazy to think we should wait for the results of the blood work to determine if $50 antibiotics are needed? I mean what if kitty has pancreatitis (something doc said could be the case)? Would he still need these expensive antibiotics? When I asked what they were the girls up front told me they were 'stomach pills' 'they'll help with his diarrhea'. Umm, my cat doesn't have diarrhea, he is vomiting. 'oh, they'll help with that too'. Okay, no, I don't want those. And the other item was Cat Lax, a jelly like substance that is like a nutritional supplement for animals that aren't eating/ absorbing/ digesting food. It was $20 at the office but I know you can get it at a pet supply store for about half that because I already have it. But why didn't the vet bother to mention any of these things before adding an extra $80 worth of stuff to my bill. I sure am glad I looked in the bag. I went home and looked through my pet supplies and found the same abx at the same does and one at a higher dose. I'm going to wait to give him any until we get the test results tomorrow but at least I can save that money.

Ugh, sorry for the long rant but that man just made me so uncomfortable. Anyone else ever not trusted a vet? Or felt they were being ripped off? Or worse, suspected their pets may have been mistreated?