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Rant: Ancient Aliens episode Legacy Of Von Daniken

I was bored so at 3pm I thought oh I will watch this show on the legacy of Von Daniken and find out more about him.

I was watching and I do recall as a child in the 70s how popular Chariots of The Gods were and the nuns in grade school saying his book could not be used for reference about Ancient Egypt. Well it made us more interested.

Watching this episode brought back those memories and then it hit me “what if Daniken was right”. Of course part of me wanted to slap that part of my brain. Rational thinking setting in.


Yet this show is on the History Channel. A channel that is suppose to be about History but shows this crap along with the Mayan Calander World Is Ending In 2012 crap and Nostradamus well you know.

An article about this episode.

While at it I looked up who Giorgio was since he comes across as a true believer. The above article puts it in question but another article (below) well maybe he is a true believer.


We live in an age where “perception is reality” and if you say a lie enough times it becomes true to many people. The lie about voter fraud totally discredited as a lie has become for the liars a success.


We also live in an age where education well could be much better. How much time is really spent in Ancient History? I recall learning about Greeks, Egyptians somewhat for a few classes but nothing in depth, forget about Mayan and other ancient civilizations. This show and this pseudoscience I fear for some fill in this gap. Well due to Catholic schools we were taught about Israel preJesus and not just from the Bible. Yet how many don’t or just what the Bible says.

Sadly most probably know about the Mayan Culture because of the 2012 calender scare then they were ever taught in schools which was probably zero.


Ancient Aliens and Von Daniken is filling this gap in education in which people learn about Ancient History from them. Yet folks sadly would be better off not having this learning gap filled by crap.

My fear is people are falling for this pseudohistory for the very simple fact this is for many where they learn about Ancient History and take Von Daniken and friends word for it.


Except for American Pickers, ok I love hate it, but at least they try for accuracy on history of junk they find. History of junk they find I am talking about manufacuring history.

You must be thinking. Is this rant over? Three articles who has time? Nearly four.

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