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::rant:: Attending wedding to witness my friend sign his life away to someone horrible.

Attending a wedding today of a good friend and his horrible, horrible bride. I think she is emotionally abusive to him, and I think she is an alcoholic. This is something we’ve had to come to terms with for a long time. We never thought this day would come, though, because one drink in him (on the rare occasion he is allowed out of the house without her) and he’s asking for strategies to cut her loose, then saying things like, “well we bought a car together so I guess we have to stay together.” Umm.

Poor guy. I know a lot of his motivation is that he wants to start a family.

He literally calls it a “yard pass” when she allows him to go out. You know, like prison. If you try to make a plan, he goes, “let me see if I can get a yard pass” and usually the answer is no. Who has to ask permission to do things from their significant other? It’s not like, scheduling conversations - it’s whether he’s doing something she approves of or hanging out with someone she approves of (she has purged his approved group of friends).


I know I might sound like I’m just being a bitter shit-talking asshole, but this is a standard example of her shit: a few weeks ago, I witnessed her storm into a social gathering (I mean, she’s invited to things but never comes), drunk out of her mind in her pajamas in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, and screaming at him about what a piece of shit he is. In front of like 30 people.

When he is out without her, he has to call her and text her a lot. He spends a lot of time in the other room on the phone with her arguing. If he does not do this, she shows up and screams at him.


She got drunk and berated a groom (who will be attending this wedding) on HIS wedding day back in March, about how she didn’t approve of him (she’s not even friends with the bride). I told him he should return the favor. I’m sure he won’t.

But, here we are. It’s the wedding day. Of course, I will shut the fuck up. I’m hoping my friends will. This wedding is at noon, and then there is a goddamn all day layover, and then the reception is at 7pm tonight. I am annoyed I can’t just get this over with. I think they are just asking for everyone to show up real drunk later though, right?


All I can do is wish him luck and hope that he finds the strength to leave her if she continues to make him miserable. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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