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Jesus, Mary and Joseph.....guys, I'm about to rip my hair out. So y'all remember how I posted about my apartment situation this past week. Basically, I left, found a new place that I actually kind of love, am waiting for approval paperwork to go through (owners seem super cool and understanding, so I'm not too worried about it working out).

But for fuck's sake, if you were to talk to my mother you'd think shit was on fire, I'm destitute, and the world was ending. It's gotten to the point where I had to say "Mom, unless you're going to do something productive to help me resolve this, pointless speculating about worst-case scenarios and giving a sob story to literally every single person we come across does NOT help me."


On the other hand, I'm feeling like a badass bitch for handling this relatively well and not flipping out. (Y'all should see the new place I picked out....it's a super cute loft with an AWESOME kitchen....I SO hope this works out....)

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