There's this man who works in the same building/company I work for but is not one of my direct coworkers. I shouldn't be complaining about this but he always tries to make polite conversation with me, especially while I'm on my lunch break, which is the absolute last time I ever want to be talked to. Lunch is my time alone with myself and a book and my food. I don't want to answer your damn inane chatting with my mouth full and I will absolutely not stop eating for your conversation. Deal with it.

How the fuck do I get this guy to stop talking to me? Actually how to I make it so that no one in the future attempts to conversate with me? I pride myself on being a bit of an April Ludgate type so I don't even know why people feel confident enough to approach me. Especially at work. Work I am at maximum bitch face. The other day he yelled for me from across the lunch courtyard as I was walking upstairs back to work and attempted to start a yelling conversation about my fucking salad. So I just ignored him completely. Still doesn't matter. Today he made it a point to try and talk to me again at lunch. I just nodded in acknowledgement. Like I can't just ignore him but I don't want to talk. I've made it very clear that I don't want to talk. I get it, he wants to be social, but my coworker was eating lunch nearby and he said nothing to her. He's done that before, where he tried to talk to me in the break room and she was also there and he didn't acknowledge her. I feel like I'm being singled out AND I'M NOT EVEN THAT POLITE DUDE! She's a lot nicer, go pester her! She has one of those friendly high pitched voices that people love! Let me eat in peace! There's always at least one other person eating at another table outside but he always attempts to talk to me. I just want to eat my lunch with my thoughts. I've made it very clear that I'm not interested in talking. The courteous "hey" is fine but other than that shut the fuck up seriously! This is driving me mad!