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Welcome To The Bitchery

So, I often lurk on parenting boards mostly to see if other parents are experiencing similar developmental milestones at the same time as my daughter and to see how the cope. But oh man anytime anyone posts about about working moms versus SAHMs it is on. Frankly, both groups are very judgmental and defensive towards one another. Working moms point out that SAHMs are missing out on 401k contributions and social security despite that fact that a lot of SAHPs stay home because they cannot afford daycare let alone save for retirement and social security will never pay out for us. And SAHMs judge working moms for not being 100% present in their children's lives even though many parents have to work to cover basic expenses like food and shelter.

Both groups are terrible to one another. But what I see from both sides is the devaluing the cost of care. All I see on the web pages is why daycare is so expensive.. blah blah blah. Providing care for children, the ill and the elderly is expensive. At least good care is. Around here, most pay 2000 for infant care per month. Very little actual goes to the people doing the care. They work for less than 15 dollars an hour and very little benefits. But I don't think the daycare is necessarily overpriced, it is just the true amount of the money is not going to the people actually providing care. Daycare centres make a killing off the labor of daycare teachers. And I think it is sad that so many people try to get around paying the true value of care for their elderly parents and children. Don't even get me started on teachers. Yes, let's expect our teachers to educate and more or less raise children and work 80-100 hour weeks, put all the blame on them when testing goes awry and pay them peanuts. As a society, how we pay teachers, nurses, home care providers and day care providers/nannies is disgusting.


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