So, I went to the outlets with my daughter to get her some fall appropriate clothing. I needed to find cheap jammies for her since that is something you really can't get used. I went into the Osh Kosh/Carters outlet store. I ended up picking up two boy's pj sets because they were like 4 bucks a pop and I couldn't find anything cheap like that in the girl's section. I went to the cash register to check out. The cash register woman looked down at my daughter then looked at the boys pjs and said, you know there are girls pjs also on clearance. She was pretty nasty about it too. And nasty that I asked for a price check. The store has a price scheme that would blow a rocket scientists' brain.

Um, thank you for that. I can't think of anything I give a shit less about then what design of pjs my daughter wears to bed. All I care is that they fit. And that they are cheap. Plus, if I buy in a boy's print, I can give the hand me downs to my nephew.

Have we gotten to the point that it *really* matters what type of gendered print a kid wears to bed? We get it... my daughters a girl. She can wear grey and blue pjs and still be a girl.