Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

With Brian Williams all but fired from.NBC news it really irks me.that they keep.Mike Barnicle who sometimes fills in for Chris Matthews and a near daily sidekick on Morning Joe. A man who describes NH women as having mustaches. This is just one reference. http://boulter.com/nh/barnicle.ht… A man who made up stories and plagarizes. Google Mike Barnicle fired Boston Globe. He has attacked NH women for their looks before.

Lara Spenser I really want someone to investigate Flea Market Flip it seems so phony and the buyers of.the repurposed.stuff made by contestants do not seem like real fleamarket goers. The stuff is way over priced, the buyers look like they got dressed for church and accidently got lost. Also at a fleamarket if you blow.a hundred or more people will buy quality items.not repurposed.stuff with no real value.


Geraldo not only did he give battle plans on the air during the Iraq War but his litany of really dumb things.

Also Bill O'Reilly if the stuff he claimed was true s not.

Mike.Barnicle should be the first gone it shows a total blind spot for Mike which I never understood.why NBC and especially MSNBC has for him.

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