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Rant: Let me autopay my water bill.

I'm disorganized. I have all of my bills set to autopay. It keeps all my bills paid, because otherwise every single one would be late. Except water. Water does not have this option. If I could pay the sewerage and water board automatically, I would. And it doesn't help that their late fee is like $3. That's not enough to make me pay attention.

My water bill is also due at a different time every month. They won't send statements to email. Only mail. MAIL. I get so much junkmail on a daily basis that it doesn't fit in our mailbox. I don't want your paper bill!


I remember reading an article about like, millions in uncollected revenue for our sewerage and water board. I know there are plenty of people who can't pay the bills, and our water is not exactly cheap and I have principled thoughts about that (for another post). But like, put that shit on autopay! LET ME AUTOPAY IT! They'd get so much more if they'd fucking email the bill and enable autopay!

This message brought to you by a disconnect notice because I, as usual, forgot to pay the bill.

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