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Rant Number 53,526

Facebook statuses that are dares to share. Usually, in image with text format. Formula:

  1. Say something very obvious: "HIV is bad." (I can't find it now, but a relative literally posted one that said something exactly that informative about HIV).
  2. Prompt to share status for a finite amount of time. "I dare you to leave this as your status for just ONE DAY!"
  3. Accusation that most of us won't. "I bet only a few of you will." (Implication: this world is so shitty that no one will even publicly admit that HIV IS BAD!)

To be clear, it's really number 2 and 3 that bug me. Obviously, I don't mind that someone is trying to spread awareness about something - what I despise is the accusation that no one cares about these very obviously sad and important things that pretty much affect everyone.



I haven't had a full night's sleep in like, 8 days. I am grumpy, I think. Sorry for the negativity lately!

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