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rant post

can I rant for a minute?

About my mom? Who I love! Don’t get me wrong! but omg she is driving me insane with this wedding stuff. From the start, the guest list has been a problem. She wanted to invite her aunts and uncles, but wasn’t sure if they’ll be offended over me serving beer and cider (they’re obviously very conservative). She wanted some people to be invited, then changed her mind closer to the wedding (far too late for me to actually uninvite them!) She didn’t want me to invite someone who was kind of a mentor to me in high school, but she didn’t let me know that until after I’d already sent the save the dates. Too late! She didn’t want me to invite someone who was the closest thing I had to a father figure growing up, because now they’re close friends who almost have this weird “emotional affair” thing going on while she figures out if/how she’ll leave my abusive dad. And this is the crux of the problem. My dad’s abusive. He is flat out not invited. My mom is still married to him, but has been saying she’s gonna leave him for a few years now (but hasn’t actually done it). She’s in therapy and dealing with shit and I’m sure she’ll leave him eventually, but in the mean time she feels like everyone is judging her (they might be, but my take on it is in the long run it doesn’t matter what other people think - my mom isn’t there yet). She’s dwelling on all the potential problems these people might cause for her to the point of flat out paranoia and is texting me about it every day. As if I can do anything at this point! I don’t even care who gets invited and who doesn’t for the most part, although I really do want the guy who was my father figure to come because of what he meant to me as a kid. I feel sorry for my mom, but I also feel like she and all of these people are being selfish. Can’t they just put their drama on hold for long enough for me to have a drama free wedding day? hahahahahah wishful thinking I know. Okay, rant ended.


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