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Rant: Tarzan and the Geico commercial

Now you all know the adventure/SF writer Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote starting in 1912 24 Tarzan novels through 1965. He is one of my favorite writers. I think Caspek trilogy is his finest work. Also the Martian series. For single novels Monster Men is quite good.


So he wrote Tarzan as one who lived for many years as a child in the jungle. He was brought back to England as Lord Greystoke and graduated from Oxford.

Instead starting in 1932 was the introduction of the illiterate Tarzan who could barely say two complete sentences in a row. This to me was spitting on Burrough’s work. Slowly last few decades the original Tarzan as Burroughs created started to be put in the spotlight.


Now here comes Geico and completely reverse course. Its a spit on Burroughs, on literature and fans of Burroughs. I do not like this commercial at all.


I do suggest reading Burroughs if you never had. Just keep in mind when it was written. Science of these novels is highly questionable although I suspect it was then too.

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