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Rant thread: trivial pet peeves

I HATE being invited to those types of parties where they’re selling jewelry or makeup or nail art or whatever. HATE HATE HATE. Those are all things I probably wouldn’t spend very much money on in the first place, and I can’t stand feeling pressured to go to a party and spend money on them. Even worse is when people add me to groups about those things on Facebook and I feel like I can’t leave the group because I might hurt their feelings and they’re actually my friend, but every time the freaking notification comes on I’m like I DON’T CARE ABOUT CHLOE + ISABEL JEWELRY DIDN’T I ALREADY MUTE THAT? I know a lot of people like these parties, and I would probably like them too if they were selling different stuff (for example, I’d totally go to a Pampered Chef party, or if they had something like that where they sold seeds and garden stuff or books or something) but what I hate about them is that I feel like there is NO polite way to tell my friends to leave me off the invite list for all time. Arghhh.

What’s your random pet peeve that you’d like to rant about?


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