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Rant time!

I got home from class and immediately put in two loads of laundry. It is important to note that we share a laundry room with the whole building and there are only 4 washers and 4 dryers.

So I put my clothes in and come back upstairs and start working on an essay for this internship I'm applying to.

The wash cycle is about 30 minutes and I usually go down as soon as they finish. I got caught up in my writing this time and it was like 40 or 45 minutes before I went back down. Usually no big deal.


This time both of my loads of clean laundry are on the dirty table and all the washers are running. There's this guy in there giving me dirty looks as I gather up my clothes and put them in the dryer. The dryers suck so for two medium loads of laundry you have to use two dryers. Anyways, as I'm putting my clothes in the second dryer the guy looks and me as says "you know your clothes were in there for like an hour and I had some to do so I took them out." I tried to give him my nicest smile and told him it had really only been ten minutes of so since the load finished. He looked at me like I was an idiot and continued to grumble. THEN as I'm leaving he says, "You know, the dryers run for 45 minutes." I just glared at him and said that yes I do know how to read and tell time and left.

GRRRRR, It really really bothers me that he touched all my clean clothes. Like I know it really shouldn't but it does. Pretty much every pair of clean underwear I have was in those loads and now I have a really strong urge to throw them all away...

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