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Welcome To The Bitchery

Ranting in Relative Anonymity Because I Like to Work

A former colleague is sharing a list of the “Most LGTBQ friendly college campuses!” with a self-congratulatory message about how the former university made the cut.

This is the same former university where a colleague circulated an email mis-gendering a student and complaining that they were using the wrong restroom for their biological gender. This is the same former university in which it took four emails to get time with the Title IX coordinator, and the same university which allowed the colleague to throw himself retirement extravaganzas as if he weren’t a trans and homophobic dick.

(The student left the university not long after the email was circulated. Did they ever know about it? I dunno. Did any of the other recipients of the email stand up for the student? No.)

LGBTQ friendly my ass.


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